Check-In Schedule



Check-In is Sunday, August 27. You will receive more information about the schedule with your Housing assignment in mid-July. 


You must register for the New Student Orientation Program (NSOP). You will receive an email with more information.

Unloading Areas and Traffic

Public Safety personnel will direct traffic for unloading. Please follow their directions as you arrive.

Carman: Unload at the easternmost campus gate on 114th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. Traffic flow is one-way on 114th Street; you must approach from Broadway.

Furnald and John Jay: Unload on College Walk, 116th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. Traffic flow is one-way on College Walk; you must approach from Broadway.

Hartley and Wallach: Unload on the southbound side of Amsterdam Avenue, just above 115th Street. Amsterdam Avenue is a two-way street, but you must use the southbound lane to unload.

Unloading Information

In order to speed everyone’s move-in, we request that you observe the following:

  • Movers and orientation staff will be available to help with unloading. Please follow their directions.
  • The movers will provide cardboard bins and dollies to assist in unloading and transporting belongings to your room. A maximum of two large bins (48”x24”x26”) will be issued to each resident.
  • Because of limited elevator space, only the resident and one parent or guardian may ride in the elevator with the resident’s belongings during move-in. Friends and family may wait in the lounges of each building.
  • Please be courteous of other residents who are still moving in by using the stairs when going down.
  • Additional trips require waiting in line again for the elevator.
  • Expect the move-in process to take a considerable length of time. Dress casually and wear comfortable shoes.